Documentaries and short films featuring the people and places of the island. This web site is like a television network.  There are 18 channels,  featuring over 80 programs with over 500 episodes.

Use the “Documentaries” and “Other Genres” buttons  to explore our content.  Each channel has a variety of different programs.   Some are full length documentaries, some titles are short vignettes and other links will take you to a playlist of short films on a specific subject.  Some of the playlist actually have more content and information than the documentary they are associated with.

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“Vancouver Island Chronicles” is a documentary series that aired on television from 2013, 14 and 15.. Now you can watch all 35 episodes and other short films at this web site  commercial free.

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“Vancouver Island Chronicles” showcases the people and places of this unique part of the planet. Seen through the lens of award winning documentary filmmaker Edward Homer, the programs are as diverse as the islanders who live here.  Some of the half hour programs are recent releases, others are up-dated pieces from Edward’s archives. Many of the programs have aired on network television and been screened at film festivals around the world.

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Use this web site to navigate the over 500 videos Homer has posted on You Tube.  As well as documentaries dealing with serious issues you will find an eclectic mix of vignettes.  Genres include environment, history, sports safety, wildlife rescue,  nature/relaxation videos, wildlife,  life style, how to topics, sports, music, comedy, travel and even Shakespeare.

Check out my blog. (Recent Posts) I write about topics that I have researched since I started producing documentaries about Vancouver Island stories in 1995.

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New Release “Wildlife Rescue in the Comox Valley” This 16 minute documentary chronicles the rescue and subsequent treatment and release of a Coopers Hawk that was found in distress on the side of the road. The Mountanaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS) has been doing this important work in the North Vancouver Island area since the 90’s.

Documentaries recently screened at on-line film festival “Culture Unplugged” “Saving the Tsolum River”, “Coal Fever Vancouver Island” and “Working and Living in the Forest” are great stories about people in the Comox Valley working to make the planet a better place. Check them out.